True Wealth is not a battle field

True Wealth is not a battle field

[True Wealth is not a battle field – Article by Ornella Angela Tomasello]

We are much more than what we believe, we are true wealth millionaires!

If you continue to think that life is a struggle for survival, you will always lose the battle every day.

Manifest True Wealth 365 times a year

Every year we have 365 opportunities to be happy and prosperous, this treasure is rightfully ours because we are the legitimate heirs, disown and deny it would be foolish and wasteful. (more…)

Be Healthy if You Can

Be Healthy if You Can

[Be Healthy if You Can – Article by Dr. Gianguglielmo Bergamaschi]



In this first post I would like to introduce myself.

I am a doctor, and I like what I do. I Practice a type of Medicine which I like to call “integrated”, using mainly non-conventional techniques, but sometimes (in the interest of the patient) I use “conventional Medicine”, which I think is a good basic therapeutic system, unfortunately with frequent distorted management.

Of this “distortion” of medicine we will talk, so I hope we can do some clarity on aspects more or less clear of Medicine in general, including the “natural” one.

It’s all about being Healthy

The first topic that I propose is the “points of view.” Yeah, because if we talk about “Medicine”, often the first thing that comes to mind is the “disease”, and not “health”.

Almost always those who are professionally involved in “health” actually sees in his client first and foremost a “sick” (often, although in fact he is not …) and this in some ways it is also natural, but it is the first and perhaps fundamental “distortion” of medicine: putting the focus primarily on treating the disease rather than on maintaining health. (more…)

Disinformation on Classic Medicine

Disinformation on Classic Medicine

[Disinformation on Classic Medicine – Article by Dr. Gianguglielmo Bergamaschi]


I’m writing this post because I have a really great news, thanks to which you’ll find other valuable information to discover how the mechanisms that govern our society work: it is ESSENTIAL to know the field of a battle to win a war!

In the first two of the saga ebook FIRST STEPS TOWARDS THE TRUE WEALTH that are already online, you have a first access to a whole new view of reality, very different from the “muffled” they teach at school and supported by the media.

In addition to the deliberate distortion of history, which we discuss in the blog, it is necessary to remove the veils placed on other areas of global manipulation, one of the main among them is the Manipulation of the Healthcare System. (more…)

The Mystique of the Money

The Mystique of the Money

[The Mystique of the Money – Article by Ornella Angela Tomasello]

There is a hidden mystique associated with the money that interferes with your good or bad luck.

The Energy of Money…

Money has an amazing and elusive energy and the more you understand it the more you can master it.

Many yearn for the money, some are enriched and others sink deeper into the spiral of debts. (more…)

True Wealth: The Obstacles on the Road

True Wealth: The Obstacles on the Road

True Wealth: The Obstacles on the Road – Article by Josè Scafarelli]

Have you ever had all in your head, you know perfectly what and how to make money in any business and you’re not able to start?

Maybe you do not miss anything, you just want to start when “everything is perfect.”

If you want to make money on the web, for example, maybe you don’t start until you know all the techniques of web marketing, so do not begin before you attend “that” course or before you buy “that” DVD …

Even when maybe you already have an idea of ​​how to make a mini site in HTML or you already know how to open a BLOG which allow you to start your True Wealth Business.

Or for example, if you plan to invest in real estate or you want to become real estate business man, but you don’t start unless you have first done this or that course … (more…)

What is True Wealth for You?

What is True Wealth for You?

[What is True Wealth for You? – Article by Josè Scafarelli]

The spiritual or the material?

Through this blog you’ll discover why the each other are linked in an indissoluble way.

I guess if you’re reading this you have already read the ebook “First Steps to True Wealth“, then you already know how it works the path, if you have not downloaded yet, do so now on the top of the sidebar here on the right.

I’ll tell you the truth: I was attracted only by material wealth.

Then I realized I would never have come if I had not developed my spirit.